for the heavier work


With a load capacity up to 40 kg and heights up to 467 cm, the Heavy Duty Tripods are perfect for the heavier and higher work. These aluminum tripods are widely applicable and are used in many sectors and for various applications. The robust design ensures high stability and the use of high-quality materials makes these tripods very durable and low maintenance. The Heavy Duty Tripods are available in 4 different column types. Discover below what makes our Heavy Duty Tripods so unique.

  • Quick release with 3-point clamping suitable for all MQ adapters
  • Wear-resistant millimeter scale


  • Solid aluminum top plate and hinges for high torsional stability
  • Logo laser engraving


  • Quick-release clamp for easy adjustment of the legs
  • Ergonomic to operate easy for both left and right-handed people


  • The mid-level spreader ensures that the tripod legs are spread evenly and makes setting up the tripod easier



  • Robust and sturdy aluminum connections
  • Maintenance-friendly due to screw connections


  • The stands are equipped with interchangeable feet, ideal for working on various surfaces
  • Quick and easy to change by screwing them in and out


Heavy Duty Fixed

This type of Heavy Duty tripod has a fixed center column. This gives it a very high load capacity and the best stability. There are 4 height variants available.


Adapter 5/8″,  Ø65


Adapter 5/8″,  Ø95


Adapter 5/8″,  Ø140


Adapter 3 1/2″


Point foot


Plate foot


Swivel wheel


3-way spirit level