MQ Industrial Lite with Drive, 550 - 930 mm

Lightweight and compact tripod with adjustable center column by top drive.

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The Industrial Lite with Drive is a tripod with adjustable center column by means of a top drive. It is a lightweight and compact tripod with a weight of 5 kg and a folding length of 58 cm. The tripod has a load capacity of 12 kg. The center column is printed in millimeters. The tripod is made of the durable materials anodized aluminum, stainless steel and polymer. The robust legs are supported and locked to the central tube. The spread limiter and the quick clamp that locks the extendable legs make the tripod quick and easy to set up. This tripod is equipped with interchangeable feet. This makes the tripod usable for multiple applications.

An adapter can be used on all tripods. The adapter is the connection between the tripod and the product that is placed on the tripod. More information about our adapters? Then check out our website at adapters.

Additional information



Tube diameter legs

20/30 mm

Middle column tube diameter:

45/50 mm

Min. height:

550 mm

Max. height:

930 mm


200 mm

Min. surface:

Ø 525 mm

Max. surface:

Ø 725 mm


5 kg

Load capacity:

12 kg

Transport size:

580 x 200 x 200 mm

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